Planning proposal and draft DCP amendment: Danks Street South precinct, Waterloo

Planning proposal

We invited your feedback on a proposal to amend planning controls to guide future development of the Danks Street South precinct in Waterloo. The site is bounded by Danks, Bourke, McEvoy and Morehead streets.

The draft planning proposal defines where new apartments, shops, parks, roads and walking and bike riding connections will be located. New development will complement the existing vibrant local community. The precinct is also close to new community facilities in the Green Square town centre.

The proposal would allow for:

  • approximately 1,275 new homes, including affordable housing potentially accommodating up to 2,500 residents
  • 2 public parks totalling 5,460 square metres
  • new local streets, including shared zones for people walking and riding
  • a plaza area to surround heritage-listed buildings.

The proposal seeks to amend the maximum building heights in the precinct to mainly 4 to 6 storeys. It would also allow one 20-storey tower and one 16-storey tower. This proposal doesn't change the existing zoning or density.

Public exhibition details

We invited your comments on the proposed changes from 2 to 30 May 2017 on Sydney Your Say. We also held a community information session at Danks Street Plaza on 18 May 2017.

We are now considering the large number of submissions we received and reviewing the exhibited plans. We will report the outcomes to Council and the Central Sydney Planning Committee. If Council approves the planning proposal, it can amend the Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012 on behalf of the Greater Sydney Commission. We will provide regular project updates on Sydney Your Say.


For more information, please contact:

John Davies
Specialist Planner
02 9265 9333

Last updated: Thursday, 3 August 2017