Ultimo Road, Sydney

Ultimo Road, Sydney

Travel plan case study 

The developer associated with a 12-storey office-building redevelopment on Ultimo Road near the Sydney City Centre submitted a travel plan to the City of Sydney as a requirement of their development consent.

What is the context?

The development is located close to Sydney’s Central Station and Railway Square, meaning it is well serviced by a range of public transport routes and modes. The site is also well connected to public transport and other parts of the city by walking and cycling connections. Parking is very constrained for the site, with only 22 parking spaces available for the entire nine-storey development.

What did they do?

The developer engaged a consultant to prepare a high-quality travel plan. The travel planning process began with a thorough site audit that provided baseline data from which progress will be measured. The baseline mode-share data was gathered using information from both the existing tenants of the site prior to development and from the future tenants. The travel plan clearly outlines existing facilities and services available at or near the site that will affect accessibility. Reflecting the context of the site and audit findings, an ambitious mode share target was set to limit car trips to only 5% of all trips.  

What are the ongoing actions?

A Green Transport Committee was established and given responsibility for implementing and monitoring the travel plan. The Committee is comprised of representatives from each of the building tenants, and the plan recognises the need for a manager to champion the travel plan within the development.

The plan identifies the importance of promotional and marketing actions to ensure that all staff are aware of the travel plan and the initiatives that support it. Actions relating to promotion include a travel information board in a public space in the building, an ‘e-flyer’ to be distributed to all staff and support for events such as Ride to Work Day. The travel plan also notes that new staff will be given information about the travel plan when they undertake their induction.  This is intended to establish sustainable travel as a key cultural component of the workplace.

Actions include a car-pooling forum to assist with combining trips, provision of information about public transport and cycling/walking routes, a bicycle tool kit, formation of a walker’s group and promotion of existing facilities and services such as the City of Sydney’s free community cycle training program.

How will they monitor and review their travel plan?

The plan includes a comprehensive monitoring and review strategy. This includes annual travel questionnaires and one-day travel diaries to be completed by staff, which will help provide the Green Transport Committee with feedback on progress being made toward goals. It will also provide an understanding of which actions from the travel plan are influencing behaviour and an opportunity to identify any issues or challenges that have arisen throughout implementation.

Last updated: Friday, 15 August 2014