Sydney streets technical specifications

Sydney streets technical specifications

Design and construction standards and details

When works are undertaken on local streets and footpaths, the Sydney Streets Technical Specifications provide developers, consultants, service providers and City of Sydney staff with the standards and details for design and construction.

The specifications complement the Sydney Streets Code 2013, which sets out our vision for public infrastructure, including its relationship with Sustainable Sydney 2030.

Technical and standard drawings information is included in the specifications, which were developed from numerous City documents, work practices, research and analysis of industry standards and best practice.

The revised Sydney Streets Technical Specifications (version 5) provide a consolidated, comprehensive and concise approach to the design and construction of all public infrastructure works within the City's streetscape.

You can download the document in full or select individual sections below.


The documents available for download below are PDF files. If you require an alternative accessible format, please contact the City to advise your requirements:

02 9265 933302 9265 9222


For more information about the documents available for download, please contact:

Principal Engineer: Infrastructure Design
02 9265 9333

Technical specifications (full document) Document Downloads
Technical specifications (full document)
Sydney Streets Technical Specifications (version 5: 2019) PDF 6.0 MB Download
Standard drawings Document Downloads
Standard drawings
C Standard drawings (all drawings) PDF 15.7 MB Download
Standard drawings: Continuous footpath treatments Document Downloads
Standard drawings: Continuous footpath treatments
C2.8.1 Typical layout PDF 133.5 KB Download
Standard drawings: Roadways - PCTC Document Downloads
Standard drawings: Roadways - PCTC
C3.2 PCTC PDF 652.7 KB Download
3.2.1 Raised platform: asphalt PDF 269.4 KB Download
3.2.2 Raised platform: concrete PDF 183.6 KB Download
3.2.3 Raised platform: paver infill PDF 184.6 KB Download
3.2.4 Raised platform: asphalt with concrete ramps PDF 248.8 KB Download
Standard drawings: Road signage and pavement markings Document Downloads
Standard drawings: Road signage and pavement markings
C6 Road signage and pavement markings PDF 400.6 KB Download
6.1.1 Car share line marking PDF 168.2 KB Download
6.2.1 Standard street name blades PDF 196.7 KB Download
6.2.2 Sign post installation PDF 158.6 KB Download
6.3.1 Tactile/Braille signage - material and colour PDF 114.6 KB Download
6.3.2 Tactile/Braille signage - placement PDF 149.2 KB Download
Standard drawings: Survey marks - permanent survey marks Document Downloads
Standard drawings: Survey marks - permanent survey marks
C8 Survey marks permanent survey marks PDF 448.6 KB Download
8.1.1 Survey marks in carriageway PDF 228.1 KB Download
8.1.2 Survey marks in footpath only PDF 214.0 KB Download
8.1.3 Cover box in carriageway – 70mm PDF 178.5 KB Download
8.1.4 Cover box in carriageway – 120mm PDF 179.4 KB Download

Last updated: Wednesday, 12 February 2020