Other approvals

All other public works 

Works may be proposed in the City of Sydney's public areas that do not need to be associated with a development application or a planning agreement. These are known as works on the public way applications.

Such proposals are assessed by the City under part 5a of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and under section 138 of the Roads Act. This requires information to be submitted for approval, similar to the requirements for works required under a DA.

Submissions and approvals

Information about the submission and approval of works on the public way are outlined in the public domain manual.


For further information about works on the public way, please contact:

Public Domain team
02 9246 7575

If you wish to enquire about other works in the public domain such as outdoor dining licences, technical specifications for works on public streets and footpaths, applications for land owner's consent, temporary construction work or hoardings, follow the relevant links below or please contact the City's Customer Service team on 02 9265 9333.

Last updated: Friday, 17 February 2017