Building a driveway

The City's approval is needed to connect your driveway to a road. Vehicle access to the property must already exist or have been approved in development consent.

The property owner is responsible for the costs to provide or maintain a driveway. The City is responsible for making sure the driveway is safe for the community. When we assess your driveway application, we need to consider the design and any potential traffic or pedestrian concerns.

Please note: Your driveway application is not permission to start building your driveway.

Residential and commercial driveways

A permit is needed before you build, repair or modify a residential or commercial driveway. A residential driveway provides vehicle access for a single detached house. A commercial driveway provides vehicle access for premises such as:

  • townhouse developments
  • small shopping centres
  • large shopping complexes
  • business centres
  • high-rise apartments.

Who can build a driveway?

When your driveway application is approved you can use your own contractor or accept the City's quote, which is supplied with the driveway application approval notice. You will also need a driveway road opening permit before work can begin. You will get a driveway road opening permit application with your quote.

If you use a contractor, the time it takes to build the driveway is negotiated between the contractor and the property owner.

If the City is nominated to build the driveway, we will contact you to arrange a meeting at the property to determine the extent of works required. A quote and agreement is then sent to you and when we receive payment, it can take up to 28 days.

Trees and utilities near driveways

You should plan the location of your driveway according to the required setbacks and clear of any utility services. Significant trees, traffic islands and stormwater pits cannot normally be moved to accommodate driveways.

You will need to contact the City's tree management team about whether you can remove or relocate a tree. The cost of any remedial works is at the property owners' expense.

If your driveway has been damaged by a tree or service authority trench, you can contact the City and we will repair the driveway at no cost to you.

Driveway building standards

When you design your driveway you need to consider gradients, road camber and alignment levels. The Sydney streets technical specifications provides developers and City staff with the standards to design and construct driveways in the local area.

The City's driveways coordinator (see contacts below) can provide you with copies of drawings and specifications on request.

Driveway costs and payment options 

The property owner is responsible for the cost, construction standards and maintaining the driveway.

The City's fees and charges show the cost to build a driveway. Refer to 'driveway charges' if you are engaging a contractor to build it, or refer to the 'restoration' section if you nominate the City to build it.

You can pay with cash which is accepted at the Town Hall Customer Service Centre or you can pay by cheque in the post.


For more information about building a driveway, please contact:

Driveways Coordinator
Construction Services team
02 9265 9333

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Last updated: Tuesday, 1 May 2018