Community participation plan

Community participation plan

Meaningful and effective participation

The City firmly believes the community has a right to be informed about planning matters that affect them. Wherever possible, we encourage opportunities for meaningful and effective community participation in planning.

Our community participation plan outlines the City’s community participation requirements under planning legislation. It’s designed to make it clearer and easier for you to understand how to participate in planning decisions.

The plan details minimum public exhibition timeframes and notification procedures for strategic and statutory planning matters. It covers:

  • development applications
  • planning proposals
  • contributions plan
  • draft development control plans
  • planning agreements
  • environmental impact assessments.

For development applications that are required to be publicly exhibited and notified, the plan tells you:

  • how a development application or modification application is notified
  • how long different types of development applications need to be publicly exhibited
  • whether a notice about a development application needs to be advertised in the newspaper
  • how far notification will extend around the site subject to a development application
  • what information about a development application goes into a newspaper ad, site notice and notification letter
  • how a submission can and should be made
  • how we consider and respond to submissions.

The community participation plan only deals with planning matters. It applies across the City of Sydney local area and replaces schedule 1 of the Sydney Development Control Plan 2012.

If you’re interested in the City’s approach to community engagement and consultation, you can read about our approach to engaging the community.

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Last updated: Friday, 6 March 2020