Development contributions

Development contributions

Contributions plans

Some developments may require a financial contribution towards the cost of new and upgraded amenities such as sports fields and childcare centres needed by the people who will live and work in the development.

The City's development contributions plans describe anticipated development, infrastructure needed by the development and the contribution to be paid by a development towards the infrastructure costs.

One of the following contributions plans will apply depending on the location of the proposed development:

  • Central Sydney section 61 contributions cover central city building projects that exceed $200,000
  • City of Sydney section 7.11 (2015) contributions cover building projects outside central Sydney that will result in a net population increase.

Refer to the map to see which plan applies. You can also download the map.

Paying the contribution

The consent authority will determine if a contribution is required in accordance with the relevant plan. If a contribution is required, the consent authority will include a condition in the consent or complying development certificate requiring the contribution. The contribution will be indexed for inflation at the time of consent and again at the time of payment in accordance with the relevant plan. The contribution needs to be paid before obtaining a construction certificate or commencing the complying development works.

When you're ready to pay your contribution email to request a letter confirming the indexed contribution payable. We usually issue the letter within 2–5 business days. The letter will be valid until the next quarterly indexation date. If you don't pay the contribution by this date you will need to obtain another letter for the next indexation period.

Contributions can be paid at any of the City's customer service centres. Acceptable payment methods are eftpos (debit card only), cash or a bank cheque made payable to the City of Sydney. Personal or company cheques are not accepted.

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Last updated: Monday, 29 April 2019