Requests to prepare a planning proposal

Requests to prepare a planning proposal

A planning proposal is the process to amend the City’s planning instruments.

We've successfully processed many planning proposals that have modified the planning controls to provide better outcomes than would be achieved under existing controls.

Proponents can make a submission requesting the City prepare a planning proposal. We welcome early discussions on proposals.

Find out more with the NSW Planning, Industry and Environment’s guide to preparing planning proposals.

To lodge your proposal, please complete and submit the form request to prepare a planning proposal.

We've also prepared a checklist of studies and supporting information required.

To confirm the studies required, you should consult with the City.

You can view the fees for requests for planning proposals (see page 6):

  • minor applications – administrative changes or corrections
  • major applications – all other requests for material changes to zoning and development standards.


If you would like more information or to consult with the City, please contact:

Strategic Planning and Urban Design
02 9265 9333