Strategic plans

Strategic land use plans help manage change in our city and neighbourhoods over the long term by providing a consistent planning approach for how we use and develop land. The plans encourage positive change while protecting the characteristics that make places attractive.

They balance competing demands, ensure new development is supported by appropriate public infrastructure and promote transparency and fairness to achieve the City’s long term vision.

Our land use strategies can affect the entire City of Sydney local area or be specific to key sites or precincts.

City Plan 2036

City Plan 2036 sets out the City’s land use planning context, planning priorities and actions to achieve the vision to 2036.

Local housing strategy

Housing for all establishes the City’s priorities and actions for future housing provision to 2036.

Employment lands strategy

The City’s employment lands strategy improves jobs capacity of the southern employment lands while balancing traditional industrial uses that service the local population and key state infrastructure.

Planning proposal: Central Sydney planning strategy

The City’s planning proposal for the draft Central Sydney planning strategy balances opportunities for development while meeting the demands of a growing number of workers, residents and visitors and their changing needs in Central Sydney.

Last updated: Thursday, 18 June 2020