Artwork displays program

Artwork displays program

Expressions of interest

  • Opening date: Monday 8 April 2019
  • Closing date: Thursday 16 May 2019

We are inviting expressions of interest to use display spaces in the City's library network. We are looking for submissions that engage with the library's objectives and showcase our diverse communities.

The artwork displays program supports the display of projects and works that align with the libraries and learning program objectives and the key strategic priorities outlined in the Creative City cultural policy and action plan.

The venues for this program are:

  • Glebe Library
  • Kings Cross Library
  • Surry Hills Library
  • Green Square Library (digital)
  • Darling Square Library (digital).

The City has been providing library services to residents, workers and visitors for more than 100 years. It recognises the importance of libraries to community wellbeing and in supporting lifelong learning.

The expression of interest (EOI) is open to individuals, not-for-profit organisations, for-profit organisations and social and creative enterprises.

Display program objectives

Display proposals must engage with one or more of the following objectives:

  • highlights the library as a space for our communities to grow, learn, create and connect
  • showcases the identity of the branch and or local communities of interest and practice
  • celebrates the diversity of our community especially in relation to target groups such as children, young people, older people, Aboriginal peoples, people experiencing homelessness, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people with disability and LGBTIQ people. 

Key dates

EOI & program information Dates
EOI opens 8 April 2019
EOI closes 16 May 2019
Successful applicants notified Early June 2019
Round 1 2019/20 Artwork display program begins 8 July 2019
Round 2
2019/20 Artwork display program ends 18 September 2020

Physical requirements

  • Subject to space and access restrictions works can only be wall based as 2D, or digital works.
  • Displays are for maximum 2 months duration. The 2-month duration is inclusive of the installation and de-installation period. 
  • The library would consider a group of sequential displays over the 2-month period, managed by 1 organisation.
  • Displays must require no maintenance by staff and comply with the existing hanging systems onsite.
  • Displays must comply with size and weight limitations of each site.
  • The costs of installation, de-installation and display maintenance are to be covered by the applicant.

Digital Requirements

Digital artworks to be displayed across the digital display screens at Green Square Library and Darling Square Library should meet the following specifications:

Images: 1920 width x 1080 height, image type JPEG or PNG
Videos: 1080p
Audio: mono, stereo, or no audio

Sound will not be played in the library. Wireless headphones will be made available to access sound. 


The successful provider/s will be required to provide public liability insurance for a minimum of $10 million at the time of contracting. Applicants will be required to hold this insurance for the duration of the contract from first site visit to de-installation and bump-out.

Display program time slots 

Display slots Date range
Display slot 1 8 July 2019–6 September 2019
Display slot 2
9 September 2019–8 November 2019
Display slot 3
11 November 2019–10 January 2020
Display slot 4
13 January 2020–13 March 2020
Display slot 5
16 March 2020–15 May 2020
Display slot 6
18 May 2020–17 July 2020
Display slot 7
20 July 2020–18 September 2020

Applications that do not make the first round may be placed on an eligibility shortlist and contacted should an applicant withdraw from their display slot.

The City cannot guarantee particular display slots. However if a successful submission is time dependent and linked to festivals, themes or awareness campaigns that align with the City’s strategic objectives, every effort will be made to schedule the display at the requested time. 

Site dimensions

Download a full list of measurements for the library venues. 

Further information 

Terms and conditionsConditions of engagementCity of Sydney librariesCreative City cultural policy and action planSustainable Sydney 2030Community engagement strategyCity of Sydney WHS policyCity of villages

EOI assessment


To be eligible the applicant must:

  • meet the program assessment criteria
  • demonstrate the benefits to the local community in relation to the display program objectives. 

Exclusions and ineligibility

The City will not provide display for:

  • activities that could be perceived as benefiting a political party or party political campaign
  • overtly religious activities that could be perceived as divisive within the community
  • create, encourage, or perpetuate militarism
  • displays material that unlawfully discriminates, or encourages unlawful discriminatory behaviour, including discrimination on the basis of race, religion or sex in employment, marketing or advertising practices
  • City of Sydney staff in their capacity as individuals, although they may participate and contribute to projects in their local communities, may not apply.
  • the City will not provide in-house design, printing and distribution services, or cleansing and waste services for displays and associated events. However, organisations may apply for funding to undertake these activities themselves. 

Assessment process

All applications we receive will be assessed by at least 3 relevant City staff. Some applications may also be assessed by external parties with particular skills or professional expertise to contribute to the assessment process.

Though an application may meet the program criteria it may not be competitive against other applications and not all applications received will be allocated a time slot.

Assessment criteria

Proposals will be evaluated according but not limited to:

  • alignment with the libraries display program objectives (priority to be a space for our communities to grow, learn, create and connect)
  • responds to the identity of the branch or local community
  • celebrates the diversity of our community
  • ability to deliver the project
  • WHS requirements and physical requirements are met
  • receipt of all information required.


These ratings are not of equal weight for assessment and are not listed in order of priority. Each of the assessment criteria will be separately evaluated using the evaluation rating scale below:

  • 90-100: No risk, excellent response with added value and innovation
  • 80-89: No risk, excellent response
  • 70-79: Very low risk, good response
  • 60-69: Low risk, good response
  • 50-59: Low risk, acceptable response
  • 40-49: Medium risk, but acceptable response

Diversity and access

Sydney is a diverse community comprising people from 200 nationalities who form bonds around identity, interests and place. Applications are encouraged from people of all abilities, ethnicity, cultures, ages and sexual orientations.

Our online application system is compliant with accessibility requirements.

How to apply

To submit your application you will need to complete the online form.

Before you apply, we recommend you prepare the following information:

  • details about you or your organisation including entity name, address, phone number, ABN and contact person
  • a brief profile or resume
  • a mockup of the proposed display
  • a concept statement on the library chosen and how your display aligns with the display program objectives
  • public liability insurance details.

Apply now

Applications close at midnight on Thursday 16 May 2019.


If you have any questions or require further information, please contact:

Peter Condie
Team Leader – Ultimo Library
02 9298 3108

Last updated: Monday, 8 April 2019