Youth curators program

Youth curators program

The Outlandish Library series 2019

We are seeking expressions of interest from creative young people aged 15 to 18 to curate and participate in a series of collaborative meetups and events called The Outlandish Library.

The program began in January 2017 and to date the youth curators have collaborated with artists Laura Jade , Andrew Burrell, Cat Jones and Illuminart.The group has created experimental performances, socially engaged art activations, projection mapping exhibitions and is in the process of finalising an art and live music event at the new Green Square Library. 

The youth curators are a small team of creative producers creating exciting events for their peers. Participants can expect to gain practical skills in event management, curation as well as extending their own creative practice through hands on workshops. The youth curators will be mentored by professional artists and have the opportunity to build networks into the creative industries. 

The Outlandish Library series brings together innovative local artmakers with creative young people in a collaborative, diverse art-making environment.

Youth curators' brief

This role is limited to 15 to 18 year olds and will involve:

  • Committing your time: 3 hours, once a month over a 12 month period. Additional hours between meetings may be required for event attendance and internal and external stakeholder communication.
  • Curating a series of collaborative meetups called The Outlandish Library that will involve creative workshops and events for your peers.
  • Collaborating with professional artists and other like-minded young people to shape events and make new creative work.

The Outlandish Library series vision

The Outlandish Library series will bring together young people exploring diverse creative practice: from writers to dancers, set designers to singers, animators to actors, coders to painters, filmmakers to musicians and all the many hybrid fusions in-between.

This collaborative meetup will give young people the space to experience one another’s creative visions and make new work together.

In each series the young curators will have the opportunity to work with a resident artist who will attend each session and help shape the meetup activities. 

Our professional artist-in-residence will share their practice and facilitate skills workshops at each session.

Come prepared to create, experiment and collaborate with like-minded young people.

Does this sound like you?

We are now accepting applications – the more creative the better!

Shortlisted applicants will come in for an interview and the team will form in early 2019.

Youth curators are unpaid positions.

Parental permission to participate will be required if you are under 18 years old. 

Application requirements

Proposals must be lodged as a single PDF file.
Please create a PDF file that answers the following questions (limit of 100 words for each response).

Feel free to include images and links to online creative work.

  1. What interests you about becoming a youth curator to create The Outlandish Library series?
  2. What are your main creative interests?
  3. What creative achievement of yours has made you proud?
  4. What experience have you had collaborating with peers towards a common goal?
  5. What is the best event/workshop you have ever attended anywhere, on anything, ever? And why?
  6. Please include any images (limit 4) and online links that might support your application (limit 4).

Apply now


All enquiries related to this expression of interested should be submitted to:

Dr Gareth Jenkins
Children and Youth Coordinator – Library and Learning Programs
02 9265 9964

Main image: Virtual reality gameplay at the SteamPunk Remake Party

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