New lighting and fence

New lighting and fence

Improving safety

In March 2013, the City of Sydney Council unanimously endorsed the upgrade of the lighting and fencing in Reg Bartley Oval and the lights in Rushcutters Bay Park. We completed the installation of the lights in October 2014. The new lights will  make the park safer at night and provide better lighting over the sports oval, especially during winter. 

You can download the heritage impact statements related to this project. 

Reg Bartley Oval

The new lights have been designed and positioned to give more even light coverage across the oval, improving player safety in line with Australian standards. The lights will operate mainly during winter hours and will coincide with bookings of the oval.

Works are in progress to replace the existing timber fence due to wood rot. We are installing a timber replica with metal supports, which will reduce the fence's long-term maintenance needs while retaining its timber picket fence design.  

We are also replacing the existing cricket practice nets with permanent nets to improve safety and access. 


For more information about these works at Reg Bartley Oval and Rushcutters Bay Park, please contact:

Kathleen Ng
Senior Project Manager02 9265 9333

Last updated: Wednesday, 16 May 2018