Getting around

Getting around

Coming through

There are many different ways to get around the city.


Several kinds of public transport have accessible services. Please visit our accessibility page for more information and to download our map, which includes accessible toilets, ATMs, public telephones, steep hills and accessible parking spaces.


Walking is a great way to explore and experience Sydney life. It is one of the most interesting and quickest ways to get around our city.


The number of people who are taking up cycling is growing all the time. Cycling is a popular option for people to get to work, exercise or have fun. The City is supporting this growth in cycling by building a 200km bike network which includes dedicated bike paths separating riders from traffic and pedestrians.

Community transport

The Village to Village shuttle is a free service connecting our city of villages for people who have difficulty using public transport.

Public transport

Learn more about Sydney’s public transport network, which features trains, buses and ferries. Privately-operated light rail lines, airport links, sightseeing buses and taxis complement the public network.

Get home safely in the small hours with late night transport.


The City has 2 parking stations, in the city centre and at Kings Cross. A map of commercial car parks in central Sydney is also available.

Around one quarter of on-street parking is pay parking. All our parking meters accept coins and some take credit cards and mobile phone payments. Rates vary depending on the location and time of day or night.

Motorcycles and scooters

Motorbikes and scooters are a fun, practical and low-cost way of riding around town. See what benefits the City is offering motorcycle and scooter riders.