Sydney walkers

Sydney walkers

Local walkers

Meet some locals who love to walk around Sydney. Whether it's their regular commute to and from work, a part of their job everyday or just to keep fit and healthy.

Walking Barangaroo

Environmental educator Clarence Slockee always spots something new on guided walks around Barangaroo.

Environmental educator Clarence Slockee leads a team of Aboriginal guides who take visitors on guided walks around Barangaroo. 
Jon Lewis walking 

Walking for creativity

Jon Lewis snaps the community when walking.

Explore your local area

Councillor Jess Scully's daily walk allows her to slow down and reset for the day ahead.

Councillor Jess Scully walking.
Doris Younane walks to beat dementia

Walking for brain health

Doris Younane walks to beat dementia.

Sustainable transport 

Jan Gehl walks to promote vibrant cities.

jan-gehlPhoto courtesy of Ashley Bristowe
Bravo Rimba

Walk for diversity

Bravo marches in support of equality.

Reconnect with the community

Cath Keenan walks to feel connected.

Cath Keenan walks to feel connected

Discover Sydney's streets on foot

Eoghan Lewis walks to explore life.

Claudia Karvan cherishes local life

Actor and producer walks to spend time with family.

Actor and producer: Claudia Karvan
Bridget Foley at Sydney University

Bridget Foley puts her best foot forward

Diabetes NSW Ambassador makes walking a daily habit.

Susie Burrell takes motherhood in her stride

Celebrity dietitian walks for fitness and relaxation.

Susie Burrell, celebrity dietitian walks for fitness and relaxation.
Jeff Speck in Angel Place Sydney

Jeff Speck visits Sydney

Why walkable cities are a step ahead.

Get moving

Top 5 tips for walking the City2Surf.

Friends walking the City2Surf
Katherine and Bernadette walk along the Glebe foreshore

Taking it in their stride

Why walking the City2Surf is the way to go.

Wendy Sharpe champions Sydney walking

Artist cherishes the inner city walk to her studio every day.

Wendy in her artist studio
Luke Nguyen supports Sydney walking

Luke Nguyen supports Sydney walking

Celebrity chef encourages people to enjoy the city by foot.

Sami Lukis walks the walk

Sydney walking ambassador loves to explore the city on foot.

Sami Lukis

Jane and Natalie Saville 

Walking ambassadors

Sydney's newest walking ambassadors, Olympic walkers Jane and Natalie Saville, are urging people to walk more.

Brave steps forward

Two courageous sisters share how they took part in the City2Surf to raise funds for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

Emma walks through Prince Alfred Park
Paul at the end of his walking journey

Fitness boost with every step

Lieutenant Commander Paul Koerber walks to work from Bondi to Garden Island and since he started he's noticed several health benefits.

Revealing hidden treasures

A new Sydneysider finds out more about her new home by walking to and from work and now walks everywhere else too.

Helen on her way to work
City workers Shadow, Sophie and Shane

Walking class heroes

Read how 3 City of Sydney workers walk their working day.

Last updated: Thursday, 24 August 2017