Taking it in their stride

Taking it in their stride

Sydneysiders pound the pavement

More than just a fun-run, the City2Surf has become an internationally renowned event, with Sydneysiders and visitors choosing to take in the atmosphere by walking the course.

Glebe resident Katherine Filippi and colleague Bernadette Robinson are gearing up to walk the 14km track, raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and HepatitisB Free.

"Walking is the best way to really enjoy the City2Surf's fun atmosphere. Rather than aiming to finish in a certain time, we're just out to enjoy ourselves," Katherine says.

"But rest assured, we have been pounding the pavement in the lead-up to the event. As a Glebe resident, I've hosted a couple of walks on the beautiful Glebe foreshore.
It's a magnificent start to the day.

"The other day we walked from Glebe to Kings Cross. Our aim was to walk to Bondi but we didn't make as we stopped off in the city, to do a spot of shopping and our bags weighed us down!"

The 2 women are walking in the Macquarie University Hospital team which has over 100 staff joining the City2Surf including doctors, theatre staff, nurses, finance specialists, even some of the porters are joining the fun.

"The City2Surf provides us with an opportunity to get out as team, in an active way, to raise funds for causes that are particularly close to all our hearts."

Over 80,000 walkers and runners will tackle the 14km course – including the infamous 'heartbreak hill' – on 14 August.

"We're feeling confident. Whilst the course may be long and hilly, we'll be entertained by all the banter along the way.

"Walking is the best way to make everyone feel welcome to join in. None of us are supremely fit athletes, so we'll look out for each other," Katherine says.

"See you at the finish line!"

Katherine and Bernadette are City of Sydney Walking Ambassadors. 

Last updated: Wednesday, 3 August 2016