Claudia cherishes local life

Claudia cherishes local life

Walks to spend time with family

For actor and producer Claudia Karvan, travelling interstate and internationally is all part of the job. But Sydney's inner city will always be home.

"I have to pinch myself half the time. I never take this area for granted. We are so lucky," Claudia says.

"I love walking for thinking time and to appreciate the safe and inspired environments of our wonderful city.

"One only needs to visit the car-worshipping city of Los Angeles to appreciate why having a walkable city is important. In Sydney, we get to interact with our community and essentially not feel isolated and alone," she says.

With lots of time on the road, Claudia's most cherished time is with her family. 

"My favourite part of the day is walking with my kids to the local school, both in the morning and afternoon. It's always the time when all the stories of the day are shared. A really nice way to bookend hectic days!"

Living in vibrant Redfern, Claudia counts the peaceful Mount Steel in Moore Park as one of her favourite places to walk.

"I love walking around Mount Steel. Great views south and over the city skyline, and watching golf practise is entertaining." Claudia says.

"I also really love the beautiful fig trees in Moore Park with branches low enough for the kids to climb up, and dense enough to retreat under during the spectacular Sydney southerly busters."

Last updated: Thursday, 10 November 2016