Discover Sydney's streets on foot

Discover Sydney's streets on foot

Eoghan Lewis walks to explore life

Wander through Sydney’s inner city streets, and you’ll likely come across myriad architectural approaches and ideas.

In fact, covering the city on foot presents an opportunity to understand Sydney and its contemporary architecture from an exciting new perspective – that’s the premise behind Sydney Architecture Walks.

It’s all about using contemporary architecture to access the hidden network of forces and ideas that shape our cities, says founder and architect Eoghan Lewis.

“I got back from Berlin and was shocked about the lack of conversation about the city, architecture and public spaces,” Eoghan says.

“I had the idea to, in a way, join the dots of my favourite buildings. It was really a chance to share ideas about the city and its contemporary architecture and urban environments.

“Over the 16 years since I started the walks, it’s become something else … a series of narrative-driven conversations about the city. In a way, architecture becomes a way to understand the city.”

The great 'public art', Eoghan enjoys sharing architecture with the general public in a language everyone can grasp. 

“I run a private practice so the idea that the tours are public is really important to me.

“It’s a vibrant network of invisible forces – political, cultural, economic and environmental – that give the city form.”

For Eoghan, there’s something special about wandering through the city on foot and by bike.

“It’s so simple and elegant. You can zoom in, zoom out, looking at big stuff and looking at the detail, you can go back a millennia and speculate wildly about the future. You can talk politics, you can talk commerce. All that within a few metres.

“Just walking is beautiful. Getting from A to B is a metaphor for life in general – life is what happens between A and B after all.”

Last updated: Monday, 9 January 2017