Revealing hidden treasures

Revealing hidden treasures

Discovering Sydney one step at a time

When Helen Thorpe moved to Sydney from England in March and took up a role as a fundraising coordinator with the Heart Foundation, she decided walking would be a good way to get to know her new home.

It’s a decision the 25-year-old says has made her fitter, happier and revealed Sydney’s hidden treasures.

“I walk from Surry Hills to Woolloomooloo and back again, and discovered it’s a great way to start the day. I feel more proactive – I’m more alert and ready for the day.

“You never have to wait around for public transport or cram onto a bus with sweaty people at rush hour. It makes me more active when I get home, too, because I’m less tired and more energised from walking. It’s a good feeling.

“As a newcomer to Sydney, I’ve found walking is great for finding my way around and exploring the city. I’m always discovering hidden gems.

“Walking to work has encouraged me to walk everywhere else – for grocery shopping and when I go out. I probably walk about two hours a day now, but it doesn’t feel like a lot because I’m using it as my everyday transport. Plus it makes me feel great, so no need to find time go to the gym.

“I love walking in Sydney to get around because it’s so diverse. You might walk by a beach, coffee shops, restaurants, shops and through beautiful parks. I haven’t used my Opal card in a month.

 “If you can add walking to your day, I would really recommend it. They say you should get half an hour of exercise every day, so walking is a great way to work that into your routine. A little bit of exercise is just a really positive way to start your day.”

Last updated: Tuesday, 25 August 2015