Fitness boost with every step

Fitness boost with every step

Worth every minute and every step

From Hong Kong to Singapore, Vanuatu to the Philippines, Royal Australian Navy Officer Lieutenant Commander Paul Koerber has been stationed in exotic locations around the world. But nothing beats Garden Island as an office, Paul says, and best of all, is the morning walk to work.

"Starting my day with an early morning walk from Bondi to Garden Island gives me a real sense of satisfaction. Since starting to walk to work 2 months ago, I’ve noticed I’ve got greater mental clarity at work and it’s great for stress relief, too.

"I vary my walking route a little, but essentially it takes me an hour and 20 minutes to walk from Bondi, walking through Edgecliff, Rushcutters Bay, Elizabeth Bay and Potts Point to the harbour.

"I get to explore main roads, back streets, and parks. The architecture varies dramatically and there’s always interesting characters out and about.

"Before I started walking to work, I would ride my bike or drive, but walking is great because you can do it in any weather – it’s safe, convenient and you don’t have to think about traffic or parking. You just set off.

"The biggest boost for me has been the health benefits – I definitely feel fitter and stronger. By getting up a little bit earlier in the morning you can really achieve a big increase in fitness and energy levels. I’ve also been surprised at the distance you can cover.

"I’m walking about 8km a day now and it doesn’t feel a strain. As I get fitter and the days get longer, I’ll also start walking home. The benefits of walking are worth every minute and every step."

Last updated: Tuesday, 25 August 2015