Get moving

Get moving

Top 5 tips for walking the City2Surf

Why not walk the City2Surf this year? As well as being great for your health, walking lets you take in the day’s exciting atmosphere and chat with friends.

But choosing to walk the course, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare.

Sydney-based trainer Lara Creber shares her top 5 tips for walking the City2Surf:

1. Mentally prepare: 14km isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but if you can visualise the course and predict some of the hurdles (like hills) that are coming, those last few kilometres will be less daunting.

2.  Physically prepare: Add walking into your everyday routine by walking to work, or getting off the train or bus early. Start with a short distance like 3km, and build up to 10km, even add in a few hills. Your body will thank you for it on the day.

3. Get Social: Grab a friend and enjoy the experience together. You’re also much more likely to prepare properly when you have someone making you accountable.

4. Shoes: It’s so important to have the right shoes when walking long distances. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and give you enough support. Test them out in training to ensure you won’t be punishing your feet on the big day.

5.  Prove them wrong: If you’re not someone who would normally walk 14km, this is your chance to do it. There’s no better feeling than proving to yourself that you can do it. Crossing the finish line will feel so good, you’ll want to do it every week!

If you haven’t yet registered for the City2Surf there are still spots left in the back of the pack group, perfect for walkers.

Last updated: Monday, 8 August 2016