Walking for good health

Walking for good health

Walk to manage stress

Juggling his roles as restaurateur, chef, author, television host and gastronomic traveller, Luke Nguyen always has a lot on his plate. But he never misses a chance to walk while he's home here in Sydney.

"People ask me what I miss about Australia when I'm away and I say footpaths. In Vietnam you can't walk – it's too chaotic and busy and there are no footpaths," he says.

At the age of 23, Luke fulfilled his dream by opening restaurant Red Lantern in Surry Hills. Since then he has gone on to open Fat Noodle at The Star and Red Lantern on Riley. He regularly walks between his home in Surry Hills and his restaurants in Darlinghurst and Pyrmont.

As a City of Sydney Walking Ambassador, Luke is encouraging Sydneysiders to follow his lead and manage stress by using their feet.

"Walking between my restaurants really helps me to clear my head and to take a breath. It's always hectic during service, but getting moving helps me to prepare for the next round. 

"Whatever you're busy with, taking some time out to go for a walk can be a great way to relieve the pressure and get some exercise," Luke says.

Luke's hectic schedule has increased with the recent opening of his cooking school Grain in Saigon. He is a passionate advocate for healthy lifestyles, sharing his skills to help continue the culture of home cooking in Vietnam, and urging Sydneysiders to get more active by enjoying their city on foot.

"I like to walk a lot and I like to walk fast, but walking is not just about fitness. For me, it's also about family - and making the most of what Sydney has to offer," Luke says.

"I went walking yesterday with my twin boys in Glebe, around Blackwattle Bay Park, and it was just stunning by the water. When you travel a lot and come back to Sydney you realise how beautiful it is. We're so lucky to live here, so why not walk and enjoy it and take in the scenery?"

Luke Nguyen is a City of Sydney Walking Ambassador.

Last updated: Thursday, 5 May 2016