Walk for diversity

Walk for diversity

Bravo walks Mardi Gras to celebrate diversity

There are few more thrilling walks than the glitter-soaked Oxford Street strip on Mardi Gras night. For Chippendale local, Bravo Rimba, it's something he looks forward to all year. 

The 27-year-old will lead the choreography on the Lifesavers With Pride float to celebrate the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival.

"I've proudly been part of the parade for 2 years now and it's impossible to describe the buzz and excitement of walking or shimmying down Oxford Street with thousands of smiling faces cheering you on," Bravo says.

"Sure, it can be tough, when you identify as LBGTIQ but Mardi Gras is one of the most exciting and embracing times where your gender and sexuality doesn't matter! It is also a great reminder of our ongoing effort for equality. 

"This year we have 80 people dancing and marching for the Lifesavers with Pride float. It's fantastic that such a huge number of organisations are now involved in the parade."

The 2017 Mardi Gras parade was on Saturday 4 March along Oxford and Flinders streets in Darlinghurst.

The City of Sydney is a proud supporter of the festival which also features parties, live music, performances, film and comedy each year.

Image: Courtesy of Justin Tui 

Last updated: Monday, 6 March 2017