Walking for creativity

Walking for creativity

Jon Lewis snaps the community when walking

Walking is a way to connect with the local community for photographer Jon Lewis. He snaps Sydneysiders for his distinctive street portraits.

His photos were on exhibition at the State Library of NSW from March to August 2017, but his creative process starts on two feet.

“I’m not bundled up with too much equipment and cameras when I’m on the move, and it is that simplicity I like,” Jon says.

“If people ask me why I’m taking their picture, I try to say something which makes them laugh. I like to show the diversity of the different faces you find in Sydney and how they engage with you. Maybe a laugh or maybe a smile.”

When he’s not pounding the pavements capturing portraits, Jon likes to walk from Erskineville to Victoria Park Pool for a swim.

“It’s how I start my day. I’m 67 years old and don’t feel old at all. I can get around easily and see things on foot, and even if I don’t get a great photo that day at least it started with a splash.”

Jon says there is beauty in the people of Sydney if you take a moment to stop and appreciate them.

“I try to imagine what extraordinary lives people may have had leading up to them making a home in our city. If I see an interesting face or a bit of a character we stop, have a chat and I make my photograph.”

“I’ve made over 600 portraits and will keep on doing it. There’s always someone new to be captured.”

Beauty in difference; the street photography of Jon Lewis was on exhibition at the State Library of NSW from 4 March 2017 to 27 August 2017. 

Photo courtesy of Albion Harrison-Naish

Last updated: Thursday, 31 August 2017