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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, stories and voices

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Bujari gamarruwa, which means ‘good day’ in the language of the Gadigal. From bush medicine, bush tucker, astronomy, philosophy and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, there’s something in the collection for everyone.

The Koori collection

Did you know that Koori is from the Awabakal language and refers collectively to Aboriginal people from either New South Wales or Victoria?

This is just one of the interesting facts you can learn from the Koori collection located at Waterloo and Glebe libraries.

The Koori collection was made possible with a grant from The State Library of NSW.

The collection reflects the voice and perspective of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and has grown to over 2,000 items. It comprises books, DVDs, CDs and newspapers all celebrating the living cultures of First Nation Peoples.

Extending the collection

The Koori collection aims to support and celebrate the growth of this important resource with a particular focus on NSW related content that captures the past, present and future.

Koori Mail

The current issue of the Koori Mail is available at Waterloo, Glebe, Newtown and Customs House libraries. Back issues are kept at Waterloo Library for 1 year and Newtown Library for 2 months.


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