Conditions of use

Temporary closure

The safety of our communities, customers and staff is our top priority.

All library branches and links are now closed until further notice. All events and workshops are cancelled and we’ll contact you directly if you registered.

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Using the internet

The City of Sydney Library operates under the NSW Library Act 1939, its regulations and amendments. These guidelines apply to all public internet users at the City's library facilities:

  • users must follow any direction by library staff
  • children under 16 are the responsibility of their parent or guardian
  • laptop users accessing wireless internet must provide their own battery-powered devices
  • the City has no control over internet content reminding users some content may be offensive to others
  • the City has no control and takes no responsibility for the security of personal, or other information, users place on the internet such as banking details or online form data
  • users must adhere to all relevant laws including copyright and licensing agreements.

The internet must not be used for:

  • displaying pornographic, obscene, offensive or other material considered to be bad taste
  • displaying material or any act that may incite hatred or violence
  • any illegal act or material relating to an illegal act.

Inappropriate use of the internet may result in access being cancelled or further action being taken including being banned from the library.

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