City south

City south

Green Square and Alexandria, Redfern and Waterloo, Chippendale

An area on the move, Sydney's south is shedding its gritty industrial past without skipping a beat. It's emerging renewed and refreshed as a centre for cutting-edge arts ventures, grassroots dining venues and creative entrepreneurs.


Once grungy, Chippendale is now the go-to destination for art lovers and hipsters and a haven for coffee lovers and food fanciers.

Redfern & Waterloo

With a proud Aboriginal heritage at the core, Redfern and Waterloo are edgy enclaves with uber-cool warehouse-style galleries, eateries and food stores.

Green Square

Rising from an industrial heritage, Green Square and its neighbouring Alexandria punch above their weight with urban redevelopment and destination shopping and eating.

Last updated: Thursday, 26 March 2015