Case studies

Case studies

5 Hegarty Street Glebe

I live in a quiet street in an old terrace house which is probably the only one ever built on the site. There is nothing famous or special about it. Am I right to think that all I will find are dates and names of occupiers?

10-12 Macleay Street

I want to know the history of this building but I also wonder why these places were built back then when most people in Sydney wanted a house and garden.

22 Gadigal Avenue Zetland

Since the 1980s, many old factory and warehouse sites in Sydney became available for housing developments as the city deindustrialised. It is not so much a question of who lived in my house but what happened there?

44 Argyle Street Millers Point

There are already histories written about my house. It is in a heritage precinct and several conservation and heritage reports have been produced over the years. The trouble is that there seems to be too much information and sometimes the different reports contradict each other.

36 Caroline Street Redfern

There is what seems to be a remnant of a house on the corner of our community park at the Redfern Community Centre. It has been painted with the colours of the Aboriginal flag. Why is it there?

262 Bulwara Road Ultimo

This old house looks as if it may have once been a shop. Sydney has many homes that were built as something else, especially as shops, workshops or factories. A home does not always have a house history. But this one did.

Hyde Park Towers

A fairly modern apartment tower contains an old section which was once part of a commercial property. Research may reveal more than one parcel of land in the original title records, but this is quite common, especially where large buildings straddle consolidated titles.

Feature image: Irving Street in Chippendale, circa 1909 to 1913. ArchivePix NSCA CRS 51/361.

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