What makes Sydney great?

Sydney’s urban environment has been shaped by government, policy and people.

Old Sydney Burial Ground

Sydney Town Hall sits on the site of one of the earliest European cemeteries in NSW, the Old Sydney Burial Ground.

Sydney streets

The history of Sydney’s street names can be complicated!

Parks histories

Find out more about your local park's history

Pyrmont Incinerator

The tragic story of the Walter Burley Griffin-designed Pyrmont Incinerator, which was torn down as its neighbourhood evolved.

Corporation and Domain baths

These harbourside bathing sites evolved as people's demands for swimming facilities changed.

Globite factory

The building where the Globite school case was manufactured in Surry Hills for more than 50 years has been given heritage protection status.

Juanita Nielsen

Council recently endorsed closing part of Maclean Street in Woolloomooloo, to make way for Juanita Gardens, in honour of Juanita Nielsen.

Last updated: Monday, 18 July 2016