More windows to the past

The links below are to other major archives around Australia.

State Records NSW

New South Wales colonial and state government archival records from 1788 onwards.

National Archives of Australia

Commonwealth government archival records since 1901. Also houses records inherited from colonial and state governments when the Commonwealth took responsibility for their functions.

National Library of Australia

TROVE – the National Library's online collection – includes digitised, searchable newspapers dating from 1803 to the 1950s.

Directory of Archives in Australia

This Australian Society of Archivists Inc project features information about most archival institutions in Australia.

Understanding Society Through its Records

Published by the John Curtin Library, this site aims to show why records and record keeping are so important.

Dictionary of Sydney

The Dictionary of Sydney explores all aspects of Sydney's past online.

Noel Butlin Archives Centre, ANU

Holds records of the Sydney branches of many trade unions, companies (including Tooth & Co brewers and hotels), and other Sydney-related material including friendly society and Chinese Chamber of Commerce records. 

Last updated: Monday, 19 November 2018