Sydney rated safe city

Sydney rated safe city

6th in international survey

Sydney has been rated one of the world’s safest cities in a comprehensive survey conducted by the highly influential publication The Economist.

After assessing 40 indicators and interviewing numerous safety experts, The Economist’s Intelligence Unit ranked Sydney number 6 overall in its list of 50 cities in its Safe Cities Index for 2015.

Sydney is the highest ranking Australian city, ahead of Melbourne which placed ninth. Sydney also ranks ahead of New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco and London.

In compiling the index, The Economist focused on 4 categories: Digital security, health security, infrastructure safety and personal safety with each city scored across these 4 areas. 

The City of Sydney works closely with many state government agencies and community groups to improve safety and maintain our well-deserved reputation as an inclusive, welcoming city that strives to improve the well-being of the 1 million visitors, workers and residents in the city each day.

Sydney’s high ranking in The Economist’s index comes after Sydney was judged the world’s most popular city to study in, according to an index that shows it attracts more international students than anywhere else.

Global consulting firm AT Kearney put Sydney ahead of 83 other cities, including London and New York, after studying the size of their international student populations for its 2014 Global Cities Index.


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Last updated: Friday, 6 January 2017