History of Hansom Cab Place

History of Hansom Cab Place

Hansom Cab Place

Hansom Cab Place is in Young Lane, Redfern, at the rear of 40-58 Marriott Street. The land was purchased by Council from Newtown real estate agent William Ekin Thompson in 1947. Due to uncertainty caused by Housing Commission resumptions the park with a slippery dip and six swings was not completed until 1954.


It was known as Young Lane Playground until 1992 when local resident Anita Gray suggested it be named Hansom Cab Place. Hansom cabs were the horsedrawn predecessors of modern taxis. Several cab proprietors stabled their horses nearby on the site of the current Surry Hills Shopping Village, including George Mosher at 2 Baptist Street, John Trotter at 6 Baptist Street and the Maher Brothers at 10 Baptist Street.

Main image: Hansom cabs lined up outside Redfern Railway Station, 1880s. (City of Sydney Archives, SRC1312)

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