Past in Print project

Community ephemera project

Anyone can help preserve Sydney's history. The Past in Print is a project that collects ephemera – items designed to be useful for a short time. This includes pamphlets, lost-dog posters, tickets, beer coasters, business cards, menus, postcards, badges, bus timetables and stickers.

Ephemera tells us about the diverse and changing character of our local areas over time – giving insight into our residents, businesses and community groups.

Today's junk mail is tomorrow's historical detail. The Past in Print is about collecting materials that are usually thrown away or recycled, and preserving them for future generations. The best pieces donated to the project are featured here in image galleries.

Where you can help

If you want to help preserve your local history and heritage, please leave your donations of community ephemera in the boxes provided at City libraries. As the collection grows it will be made available online in the City Archives catalogue, Archives Investigator.

Last updated: Monday, 23 November 2015