Guerrilla ephemera

Guerrilla ephemera

There is an aggressive, guerrilla style of ephemera, which often promotes radical or alternative ideas and turns up in specific community areas of the City of Sydney. The four items below were all found in the Newtown area, where part of the community fights to carve out a sense of place distinct from the rest of Sydney.

The often hard-hitting and angry authors defend a local community against perceived threats from larger organisations and corporations. They all encourage a grass-roots, organic movement of the type that closed down the McDonald's food outlet on King Street in 1998.

These items have a territorial and aggressive approach. The threats to the community are portrayed as destructive of the community fabric. Or, instead of attacking, these guerrilla interventions are subversive - vandalising ephemera posted by the very authorities they despise, or posing new readings of known events.

This guerrilla ephemera is part of what "keeps Newtown weird", or gives a community a distinct identity.

You can see and read more about Newtown Ephemera at the Newtown Project website. Click on the images to see large versions.

Last updated: Tuesday, 4 December 2012