City of Sydney

Art & About 2021 expressions of interest

Terms and conditions

1. Acceptance of projects may be subject to an interview process. The City of Sydney (the City) reserves the right to accept projects in part or full.
2. A range of projects will be selected. Selection will be at the sole discretion of the City.
3. Projects supported and produced through this expression of interest will have a primary focus on presentation as part of Art & About Sydney.
4. All applications will be at the artist’s own cost
5. Projects selected will be subject to a timeline to be developed by the City and the artist
6. The City reserves the right to consider proposals for presentation dates beyond December 2021 subject to both parties reaching agreement.
7. Prior to the launch, reveal or publication of the project, the City and the artist will agree on how the project will be presented and attributed including, without limitation, any acknowledgments of engagements or presenting partnerships connected to the project
8. Any other engagements and presenting partnerships the artist has, or is seeking for the project, must be disclosed in full during the application or shortlist process - before the work is formally selected as part of the Art & About program.
9. The City will provide a draft copy of the artwork agreement at the time of shortlisting.
10. Applicants can apply for financial support of up to $85,000AUD (excluding GST). Additional costs required to realise a project must be outlined in the project’s budget. The project’s budget must outline the entire project cost.
11. If other funding partners are involved, these must be disclosed in the original application, before the project shortlisting phase, to avoid conflicts of interest.
12. Artists are responsible for obtaining public liability (minimum of $20m for each occurrence) and workers compensation insurance. Artists must be able to provide official documentation promptly on request.
13. Artists may submit more than 1 proposal. However, where artists are credited as working on several Art & About Sydney projects, the City may request they be replaced to avoid conflicts of interest and to ensure commitments are achievable.
14. Any agreement entered into for the development of a work, or notification of shortlisting, does not guarantee the City of Sydney will enter into a subsequent contract to produce the work.
15. The City may remove projects from shortlisting at its discretion if the project proposal and/or budget deviate significantly from what was outlined in the artist’s application.

City of Sydney procurement guidelines

By submitting an EOI, the respondent acknowledges that:
a) The City at its absolute discretion reserves the right to accept or reject any expression of interest, to decide the tender list regardless of any expression of interest and to issue or not issue a request for tender.
b) The City at its absolute discretion reserves the right to reject the offer of any bidder who has any unresolved disputes with the City.
c) Any costs incurred by respondents in any way associated with the preparation and submission of this expression of interest will be entirely borne by the respondent.
d) No legal or other obligations will arise between a respondent and the City unless or until formal documentation has been signed.

Information and enquiries
Where a bidder has any doubt about the meaning of any aspect of the expression of interest, the bidder must make enquiries about and clarify matters in writing with the City’s tendering officer.

Bidder not to solicit City personnel
Bidders (or any representative of a bidder) must not at any time before the City makes a final decision to accept a bid, contact or interview or attempt to interview or to discuss or to attempt to discuss with City members, employees, authorised representatives other than the City's tendering officer in accordance with the expression of interest, any matter about the expression of interest or any other expression of interest submitted in response to the expression of interest. The City reserves the right to reject any bid submitted by a bidder which contravenes this condition.

Information provided in this expression of interest or imparted to any bidder as part of the tendering process must only be used for the purpose of preparing and submitting an expression of interest response. Receipt of this document implies acceptance of this condition.

Information supplied by a bidder will not be treated as commercially sensitive or confidential unless specifically requested by the bidder. Information received by the City may be subject to disclosure to the public under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 and regulations unless it has been provided in confidence, relates to commercially sensitive information or falls within an exemption from disclosure under that act.