City of Sydney

Australian Life photography competition terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. Artist remuneration and prize
    1. The exhibition is a free not-for-profit event. If your entry (artwork) is selected to be included in the large format exhibition you will be paid a fee of AUD$500 plus GST (if applicable) upon receipt of a valid tax invoice.
    2. If your entry is judged the most outstanding by the selection and judges panel, you will be awarded the Australian Life Prize , valued at AUD$10,000 cash. The winner will be paid on receipt of a valid tax invoice.
    3. If the winner does not redeem the prize at the time stipulated by the City of Sydney then the prize will be forfeited by the winner.

  2. Terms and conditions of the large format Australian Life exhibition
    1. You must submit your entry to the City by 11.59pm on Sunday 29 July 2018.
    2. Your entry must:
      1. meet the specifications and format outlined on the webpage
      2. include a completed online artist entry form and checklist.
    3. The City will exhibit the selected artworks in Hyde Park from 13 September 2018 to 7 October 2018.
    4. Inclusion of any artwork in the exhibition is subject to selection by the panel. The decision of the panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
    5. Finalists and the overall winner will be notified by phone and email by a representative of the City of Sydney.

  3. Copyright and moral rights
    1. You grant the City the right to:
      1. maintain a digital copy of the artwork
      2. enlarge and adapt the artwork to fit the large scale format of the exhibition.
      3. exhibit the reproduced artwork in Hyde Park from 13 September 2018 to 7 October 2018 as part of the exhibition.
    2. You warrant that you are the owner of all intellectual property rights in the artwork or have obtained all necessary approvals to permit the use of the artwork in the exhibition. Artwork that infringes intellectual property rights will be immediately removed from the exhibition. You agree to indemnify the City against any costs the City may incur as a result of any intellectual property rights infringement.
    3. The City and any sponsor or partner of the exhibition may reproduce the artwork (or any part of it) in any media format, including but not limited to advertisements, postcards, brochures, posters, television/print media, website and annual reports, only for the purposes of:
      1. publicity and promotion of the exhibition
      2. the catalogue of the exhibition
      3. creating a non-commercial archive of the exhibition.

    4. The City will acknowledge you in all exhibition publicity as the creator of the artwork.
    5. While the City will take care to ensure the integrity and quality of the reproduced artwork, you acknowledge enlargements and slight variations to the artwork may result from adapting the original artwork to the large-scale format or the printing process.
    6. While the City will take care to protect and maintain the original artwork, you acknowledge and agree that you will not be entitled to claim compensation for any damage to the original artwork while in the care of the City or the exhibition production team and contractors.
    7. Depending on the subject matter, you may be asked to provide a model release as a condition for inclusion of your artwork in the exhibition. Failure to provide this release may result in your artwork not being included in the exhibition.

  4. Large format reproduced artworks
    1. Large format reproduced artworks will remain the property of the City until 2 November 2018.
    2. The City will refer all sale enquiries about the large format reproduced artworks to the artist or gallery representative.
    3. Following Australian Life 2018 the City will donate your large format reproduced artwork to you. You must organise and fund the collection of the large format reproduced artwork from a location to be specified by the City. The City will not donate the large format reproduced work to you if sold in accordance with condition 4.2 above or if lost or destroyed before 2 November 2018.

  5. Sponsor exhibition
    1. If an Australian Life sponsor or partner wishes to host a small scale exhibition of selected works, the artist agrees to their work being exhibited free of any charge or fee.
    2. The sponsor will fund the reproduction of artworks.
    3. The images will be reproduced by the same printers and production team as Australian Life, ensuring quality.
    4. All artists will be acknowledged with their name, title of works and contact details listed on signage.
    5. If artworks are available for sale, all enquiries will be referred directly to the artist for negotiation. All sale income goes direct to the artist and is negotiated between buyer and artist. The artist will set the sale amount.
    6. Artworks not sold will be donated direct to the artist.
    7. You acknowledge and agree that an Art & About Sydney sponsor or partner may reproduce the artwork for the purpose of promoting Art & About. All artwork will acknowledge the artist and be subject to approval by the artist.

  6. General
    1. You may submit either 1 or 2 entries to the exhibition.
    2. Employees of the City of Sydney and their immediate families are ineligible to enter the exhibition.
    3. You must complete the online artist entry form and checklist, indicating your agreement with these terms and conditions.
    4. The City may cancel or vary the exhibition at any time. The City will not be responsible for any loss or costs incurred by you in relation to such cancellation or variation.
    5. By entering the competition, you release the City from, and indemnify the City against all liability, loss, damage or injury arising from or in connection with this competition or prize.