Adopt a pet

Adopt a pet

Adopt a stray dog or cat

If you’d like to offer a feline or canine companion a loving home for the rest of its life, consider adopting from the Sutherland Shire Animal Shelter or Cat Protection Society. The World League for Protection of Animals has a cat rehoming program.

Cats and dogs that have been picked up by City of Sydney rangers are taken to the shelter in Sutherland. These animals are usually lost pets that we can't trace back to their owners because they aren't microchipped. Some have been dumped or neglected. All are looking for permanent, loving new homes.

Staff at the Sutherland Shire Animal Shelter act as matchmaker between the stray cats and dogs brought to them and potential owners' lifestyles and preferences.

In the year up to September 2015, 550 cats and dogs were given loving new homes. Each animal is registered, microchipped and desexed, before being made available for adoption.

The dedicated staff and volunteers at the shelter spend time with the animals to make sure they are exercised, socialised and able to maintain a solid bond with humans.

Sadly, every year in NSW thousands of unwanted animals are put to sleep. The Sutherland Shire Animal Shelter has a 'no-kill' policy, meaning that only dogs or cats deemed dangerous or that have an illness affecting their quality of life are put down. Therefore, the shelter has many cats and dogs looking for good homes.

The World League for Protection of Animals is a completely donation and bequest-based organisation that is the oldest 'no-kill' registered charity in Australia.  

Street cat rehoming program

The City's street cat rehoming program has been extended until June 2018.

Since September 2015, the City has rescued over 89 kittens from the city’s streets. All kittens are placed into foster care to be rehabilitated, and receive worming, flea, and veterinary treatment before being desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and rehomed. 

The program is in collaboration with Inner City Strays, NSW Cat Protection Society, Alexandria Veterinary Hospital, Princes Highway Veterinary Hospital, and Maggies Rescue.

If you are concerned about street cats in your area, please contact the City:

02 9265 9333


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Last updated: Thursday, 12 October 2017