City rangers

City rangers

Public amenity and safety

We aim to provide a balance between keeping people safe and consistent law enforcement. This approach ensures people who live, work and visit the local area can enjoy it safely.

Our rangers’ duties include:

  • parking patrol
  • animal control
  • illegal dumping
  • general environmental protection
  • regulation of illegal activities in public space, for example busking, footpath obstructions
  • monitoring public roads and reserves.

Much of the work we do follows requests from community members and often involves investigating further.

Please note, NSW Police Force is mainly responsible for public safety and anti-social behaviour, including aggressive and threatening behaviour. Only NSW police are able to move people on if they're engaging in this type of behaviour.

Parking rangers

The demand for on-street parking in the city is extremely high, with approximately 1.3 million visitors every day. City rangers play a key role to ensure safety and fair access to parking and ensuring parking restrictions are followed.

A significant part of the ranger role is more than enforcing restrictions. We also play a big customer service role – informing and educating people about a range of topics. While we’re often asked about road rules and about parking signs or to suggest alternative parking options, we also help visitors by giving directions and advice about places and events in the city.

If our rangers observe illegal or unsafe parking, they will issue a penalty notice in line with the road rules. When a ranger issues and prints a penalty notice it cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.

Last updated: Wednesday, 18 September 2019