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Local productions

Many production companies request permission from the City to make a film, TV program or advertisement in the local area.

In support of the film industry we try to approve such applications but local residents and business owners are our first priority so we do put conditions in place to lessen any inconvenience a production may cause. These conditions are set by the Screen NSW film friendly protocol.

When a permit is granted to film, the production company must notify nearby residents and businesses in writing as soon as possible before filming starts. Some of the conditions we place on filming permits may include:

  • maintaining safe pedestrian and vehicle access
  • 'user pays' police officers if public access is restricted or modified
  • limited parking in public spaces.

Occasionally, pedestrians, drivers and riders may be asked to pause for a few moments while a scene is being filmed. If production lights are shining into your windows, ask the location manager for a covering (such as fabric) to block it out.

The City expects production companies to be courteous and accommodating. If you encounter any problems, raise it with the designated company representative or unit manager for the film shoot, whose contact details will be on the notification letter you received before filming started.

Most production companies are very responsive to your feedback – they want to establish a positive relationship with the community – but if the issue is not resolved, please contact us for advice before filming ends.


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Last updated: Thursday, 1 May 2014