NSW Strata Title Law Reform Forum

How will the changes affect your rights?

On 30 November 2016, new strata laws in New South Wales came into effect.

This forum brings together key government, business, non-government stakeholders and experts to outline the significant changes in the legislation and to highlight the potential impacts on the 75% residents of City of Sydney residents who live in strata schemes.  


Clover Moore, Lord Mayor, City of Sydney

Karen Stiles, Executive Officer, Owners Corporation Network of Australia
Michael Courtney, Manager Mediation Services, NSW Fair Trading
Michael Allen, President, Australian College of Community Association Lawyers
Melissa Truscott, Board Member, Strata Community Australia NSW
Q & A Michael Courtney - NSW Fair Trading Melissa Truscott - Strata Communities Australia (NSW)

Last updated: Friday, 10 February 2017