Area 18 Surry Hills

New parking policy

A new parking policy is being rolled out progressively across the City over 12 months from August 2014.

What changes with the new parking policy?

  • Areas 18, 25, 27 and 29, will merge to create to create a new larger parking area, along with a small area located to the north-west of the area 27 (bounded by Oxford, Pelican and Goulburn streets and Wentworth Ave).
  • It will be known as Area 18 Surry Hills (see Area 18 map).

What stays the same?

What is new in the policy?

When will the changes happen?

  • In late January 2015 letters will be sent to current parking permit holders to update them on the changes.
  • From 2 February 2015 Area 18 will be created by amalgamating the former parking areas of 18, 25, 27 and 29, and a small area of the CBD (bounded by Oxford, Pelican and Goulburn streets and Wentworth Avenue).
  • Parking area signs with 'Area 25', ‘Area 27’, ‘Area 29’ and 'Area CBD' will be changed to Area 18.
  • Once the boundary changes happen you will be able to park in the wider area 18 when the spaces close to you are full.
  • Eligible households and businesses can apply for Area 18 visitor and business parking permits from 9 February 2015.

Are there any other changes to parking?

  • The introduction of light rail along Devonshire Street will result in the loss of parking spaces in Surry Hills. The City has commenced a study to assess opportunities for offset parking opportunities.
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Last updated: Wednesday, 22 April 2015