Area 32 Darlington – becomes Area 32 Chippendale

New parking policy

A new parking policy is being rolled out progressively across the City over 12 months from August 2014.

What changes with the new parking policy?

  • Areas 24 and 32 will merge to create a new larger parking area – it will be known as Area 32 Chippendale (see Area 32 map).

What stays the same?

What is new in the policy?

When will the changes happen?

  • In early March 2015 letters will be sent to current parking permit holders to update them on the changes.
  • From 9 March 2015, new Area 32 will be created by amalgamating the former parking areas of 24 and 32, and parking area signs with 'Area 24' will be changed to 'Area 32'.
  • Once the boundary changes happen you will be able to park in the wider Area 32 when the spaces close to you are full.
  • Eligible households and businesses can apply for Area 32 Visitor and Business parking permits from 16 March 2015.

Do permit holders need to do anything in the meantime?

  • No, if you have a resident permit (either Area 24 or 32) you can continue to park where you normally do.
  • Once the boundary changes happen you will be able to park in the wider Area 32 when the spaces close to you are full.
  • If you have a permit for Area 24 you can continue to use it until it expires at which time it will be replaced by a new Area 32 parking permit.

Are there any other changes to parking?

Following a review of parking restrictions in Chippendale (former Area 24) in 2014, Council resolved at its meeting of 8 December 2014 to:

  • Extend parking restrictions east of Abercrombie Street to 2P Ticket, 8am to 10pm, 7 days with exemptions for permit holders to be maintained where they currently exist.
  • Introduce additional permit holder exemptions on the northern kerb of Queen Street west of Regent Street, and on the northern kerb of Little Queen Street west of Balfour Street.
  • Introduce timed weekend and/or evening parking restrictions to kerb space currently signposted as Loading Zone.
  • Establish a weekday motorcycle-only parking zone on Daniels Street.

These changes were endorsed by the Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee on 18 February 2015. You can download the meeting minutes.

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Last updated: Wednesday, 4 March 2015