National Tree Day

National Tree Day

Greening our city

Volunteers helped expand Sydney's green, cool canopy for National Tree Day by planting over 2,000 native seedlings at Jubilee Park in Glebe on Sunday 31 July.

2016 marked Planet Ark's 21st National Tree Day event. It was an opportunity for the community to come together to help green our city.

Check out our images from the event in the gallery above.

The City of Sydney supports the yearly event as part of our Greening Sydney Plan, which encourages volunteers to contribute to greening the urban landscape.

Creating a greener city also helps us create a healthier more liveable city. Trees reduce air pollution, make our parks and streets more beautiful and provide habitat for native birds and other wildlife.

To achieve its greening Sydney targets, the City has planted more than 11,000 street trees over the past 10 years. This includes the City's in-road planting program where trees are planted in the middle of roads or kerb areas to reduce the urban heat island effect from hot road surfaces.

The City installs over 10,000 square meters of new street gardens each year and plant new footpaths with street and rain gardens. This new green space plays a vital role in absorbing rainwater and pollutants that would otherwise run off into drains and waterways.

The Greening Sydney Plan includes encouraging the installation of green roofs and walls across the city. These living green spaces offer benefits to buildings including reduced noise pollution, lower energy costs for heating and cooling, and potential higher values for sales and leasing.

Growing our urban canopy

The City is committed to increasing our urban canopy up to 50% by 2030. We have planted over 9,500 trees since 2005 and there are around 42,000 trees in our streets and parks across the local area.

Trees make our streets more beautiful, improve air quality and provide habitat for native birds and other wildlife. Increasing the canopy cover will improve the livability of our city by cooling and filtering the air and shading our houses and streets in summer.

Last updated: Monday, 1 August 2016