New collections or bins

New collections or bins

Is your bin damaged?

We can easily repair or replace damaged bins.

If your bin needs some love, including a new set of wheels or a lid, please fill in this online form.

Replace or repair bin

New waste service 

The City's waste services include the collection of garbage (red lid), recycling (yellow lid), and garden organics waste (green lid).

Garbage and recycling

If you need to start or add a new garbage or recycling service for your property or make changes an existing garbage service, you can complete the residential waste service application form. Then email the form, or print it and lodge it in person at one of our customer service centres.

Only ratepayers, property owners or managing agents (in houses), or building or strata managers (on behalf of an apartment block) can request these changes as they relate to the domestic waste charge on rates notices. 

Garden waste

To start a garden organics service, which is collected every fortnight, you need to order a green-lidded bin by calling 02 9265 9333.

If you live in a unit, check with your building manager or caretaker first before ordering a bin. 

Changing the size of your garbage bin

Changing the size of your garbage bin means changing your service. The domestic waste charge you pay depends on the size of your bin and the frequency of service. Before asking for a bigger garbage (red lid) bin, check out our guides to reducing waste and recycling more.

If you're already doing all you can and want a smaller red-lid bin, that's great. However, it's really important to choose the right sized bin because we can't collect any extra waste you put out. Additional bags of garbage left out on the kerb are considered to be illegally dumped and can attract hefty fines.

Bin sizes 

The sizes available for garbage, recycling and garden organics bins are picture below. Please note: The 50L and 70L bins pictured below are not available for apartment blocks or units.

Need more recycling bins?

If you would like additional recycling bins and/or garden organics bins, you can order them for free by calling 02 9265 9333.

Picking the right bin

Last updated: Monday, 23 April 2018