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About the trial

We're running an important trial involving the separate collection and recycling of food scraps from residential properties.

Phase 1 of the trial started on 29 July 2019. It currently involves 320 houses and 88 apartment buildings across the city, comprising more than 7,300 households.

We’re pleased to announce the trial is expanding and phase 2 will begin in September 2020. If you were waitlisted in phase 1, you’ll receive an email invitation to join phase 2 over the coming months. Please wait for us to contact you. Due to high demand, we’re currently not accepting properties that aren’t already on the waitlist.

Participating households are provided with a small kitchen caddy, a supply of compostable caddy liner bags, and a food scraps bin – everything needed to make separating food scraps for recycling easy.

Is your apartment building participating in the trial? Need a kitchen caddy?

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Limit of 1 caddy per household.

Why we're running the trial

Food waste typically makes up one third of our residents’ rubbish bins (red lid). By collecting and recycling food scraps separately, we can reduce waste to landfill and convert the food scraps into green electricity and fertiliser for use on gardens and farms. This will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and nourish our environment.

The results of this trial will shape future food scraps recycling services across the City of Sydney local area.

The food scraps recycling trial is an initiative of our Leave nothing to waste – waste strategy and action plan 2017–2030, and is one of the actions we’re taking to help achieve our zero waste target by 2030.

Not in the trial? Other options for food scraps recycling

If your house or building isn't participating in the trial, you can still recycle your food scraps and play your part in reducing food sent to landfill.

Think about composting food scraps or setting up a worm farm. Check out our tips for composting.

Alternatively you could get involved in community-run food scrap recycling initiatives like ShareWaste or Positive Waste.

Avoiding food waste in the first place

You can avoid or reduce generating food waste by planning your meals, shopping wisely, being creative with leftovers, and storing food correctly. In partnership with the NSW Government, we've launched Love Food Sydney a free online program with tools and tips on how to cut down your food wastage, save money and reduce your impact on the environment.

This project was supported by the Environmental Trust as part of the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.NSW Government

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Collection days for food scraps recycling bins


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Helpful tips


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Kitchen caddy and liner bags


Learn about suitable compostable caddy liners and where to purchase more if needed.


Last updated: Tuesday, 7 July 2020