Planning proposal for 600–660 Elizabeth Street, Redfern

Project Status: Open for feedback

Public consultation period to

Lauren Flaherty

Senior Community Engagement Coordinator

Siobhan Fox Roberts

Senior Specialist Planner (Contributions)

Tamara Bruckshaw

Manager Major Development Projects

Why we’re doing this

We invite your feedback on changes to the planning controls for 600–660 Elizabeth Street, Redfern. The site is a full street block bounded by Elizabeth, Kettle, Walker and Phillip streets. It’s owned by NSW Land and Housing Corporation.

The proposed changes will increase the floor-space ratio and building height to permit redevelopment of the site for new market, affordable rental and social housing in 4 buildings, 4 to 16 stories in height. The current proposal allows for around 300 dwellings.

The City of Sydney originally proposed that the development include at least 30% of total residential floor area for the purposes of social housing and 10% of total residential floor area for affordable housing. This has been reduced by the NSW Government to require at least 30% of total residential floor area to be used for the purposes of a mix of social housing and affordable housing.

The site is currently partly occupied by the South Sydney Police Citizens Youth Club. The proposed changes allow for a new 3,500 square metre community facility on Elizabeth Street.

The documents on public exhibition are:

  • a planning proposal to amend the Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012
  • a draft design guide.
Computer illustration showing buildings, streets, parks and trees from an aerial perspective.
Revised reference scheme with community facility (looking north).

Public consultation documents

Planning proposalPDF · 5.17 MB · Last modified
Draft design guidePDF · 2.61 MB · Last modified

Supporting and background documents

Gateway determinationPDF · 86.44 KB · Last modified
Council and CSPC resolutionsPDF · 487.82 KB · Last modified
Committee report – June 2020 – Elizabeth Street, RedfernPDF · 1.62 MB · Last modified
Relevant to memo – June 2020 – Elizabeth Street, RedfernPDF · 211.15 KB · Last modified
Committee report – March 2021 – Elizabeth Street, RedfernPDF · 251.59 KB · Last modified

How you can give feedback

Consultation closes at 5pm on Tuesday 20 July.

There are a few ways you can provide feedback.

Next steps

We’ll consider all feedback and report the outcomes to Council and the Central Sydney Planning Committee.

Feedback may be published in publicly available reports at the end of the consultation period. Your name or organisation's name may appear in these reports with your feedback attributed. If you would like your feedback to be kept confidential, please let us know when making your contribution.

Land and Housing Corporation’s planning proposal request and supporting documents

Planning proposal – Elizabeth Street, RedfernPDF · 12.99 MB · Last modified
Attachment A – Design reportPDF · 263.06 MB · Last modified
Attachment B – Draft Development Control Plan – Section 6.3.16PDF · 262.47 KB · Last modified
Attachment C – Site surveyPDF · 1.63 MB · Last modified
Attachment D – Preliminary built heritage assessment reportPDF · 6.48 MB · Last modified
Attachment E – Aboriginal heritage assessmentPDF · 8.52 MB · Last modified
Attachment F – Historical archaeological assessmentPDF · 6.86 MB · Last modified
Attachment G – Traffic and transport assessmentPDF · 6.48 MB · Last modified
Attachment H – Stormwater strategy reportPDF · 31.09 MB · Last modified
Attachment I – Community infrastructure reportPDF · 4.8 MB · Last modified
Attachment J – Housing diversity and affordability studyPDF · 3.4 MB · Last modified
Attachment K – Arboricultural reportPDF · 2.29 MB · Last modified
Attachment L – Flora and fauna assessmentPDF · 5.63 MB · Last modified
Attachment M – Ecologically sustainable development reportPDF · 12.65 MB · Last modified
Attachment N – Wind assessmentPDF · 5.86 MB · Last modified
Attachment O – Noise and vibration assessmentPDF · 4.86 MB · Last modified
Attachment P – Air quality assessmentPDF · 6.88 MB · Last modified
Attachment Q – Utilities and infrastructure servicing reportPDF · 33.53 MB · Last modified
Attachment R – Stage 2 contamination reportPDF · 17.86 MB · Last modified
Attachment T – Site auditor letterPDF · 181.46 KB · Last modified
Attachment U – Geotechnical assessmentPDF · 3.55 MB · Last modified
Attachment V – Climate change adaptation reportPDF · 45.77 MB · Last modified
Attachment W – Aeronautical assessmentPDF · 2.43 MB · Last modified
Attachment X – Public art frameworkPDF · 4.41 MB · Last modified
Attachment Y – Consultation outcomes reportPDF · 3.82 MB · Last modified
Attachment Z – Project Review Panel minutes, 31 October 2019PDF · 84.26 KB · Last modified