Strategic review: Oxford Street

A review of the planning controls applying to Oxford Street aims to reposition it as a vibrant cultural and creative precinct.

Project Status: In progress

Julie Prentice

Specialist Planner, Strategic Planning & Urban Design

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02 9265 9333
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Why we’re doing this

Oxford Street will be a focal point and the first part of an investigation of the eastern creative precinct identified in our local strategic planning statement City Plan 2036.

Historically the built form and diverse land uses on Oxford Street have contributed to its vibrant character, hosting a mix of businesses, educational institutions, health facilities, and spaces for workers, visitors and festivals, such as Mardi Gras.

However over recent years, a high level of retail vacancy, noisy road environment, underused public spaces and lockout laws have led to a decrease in patronage of Oxford Street. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic now presents businesses on Oxford Street with more challenges, particularly in the lead up to hosting World Pride in 2023.

The precinct will encourage the clustering of cultural and creative uses and capitalise on the proximity of the National Art School with its new 45-year lease and the UNSW Art and Design campus in Paddington.

The review will consider land use planning approaches and controls to grow the cultural and creative sectors, protect heritage and character and support the day and night-time economies for the local community and visitors.

Our community consultation started in 2020 to inform the later development of detailed proposals. The consultations involve a wide range of community, business, landowner individuals and groups, to develop a vision for the future of the corridor.

We’re now exploring an LGBTIQ+ cultural and social place strategy for Oxford Street. We invite you to register your interest in the development of this strategy.

Image of the area and affected portion highlighted.