Apply for a market operator licence at Dixon Street Mall, Haymarket

We invite applications to licence an operator for a community market in Chinatown.

Project Status: In progress

Public consultation period to

Application criteria for a community markets operator

We encourage applications from a market operator who can:

  • curate an innovative market that also provides a platform for cultural vitality and bringing the local community together
  • provide a proposal that can efficiently include the surrounding community, including Little Hay and Thomas streets, and surrounding streets into market activities
  • demonstrate a clear understanding of the logistical requirements of producing a market in Dixon Street Mall and nearby spaces
  • demonstrate a willingness to work with the local community, including businesses and organisations to facilitate workshops and activities that provide ways for the local community to connect
  • complement the surrounding area and existing businesses aesthetically with a thoughtful location plan to position infrastructure in locations that does not hinder existing operational businesses and/or public accessways
  • illustrate a thoughtful offering of products, services, and their positioning in the space to ensure they do not conflict with similar products or services provided by existing businesses and stakeholders in the market site
  • demonstrate a clear commitment to zero waste to landfill, aligning with the goals of Sustainable Sydney 2030, including a ban on single use plastic bags, a commitment to use biodegradable containers including beverage, takeaway containers and cutlery in the market
  • provide necessary facilities and infrastructure to safely and effectively manage the market and its visitors, including toilet facilities to accommodate increased foot traffic in the area
  • commit to reducing food waste by using services such as food rescue organisations for unsold food or food waste collection for recycling, where applicable.

The market operator must be able to:

  • operate the market as an interesting and vibrant destination
  • operate a market that sells quality goods or services representing value for money
  • maintain high standards of presentation and customer satisfaction
  • ensure the market’s operation complements and adds value to existing businesses in the area
  • ensure the market does not sell or promote any prohibited items or services on City of Sydney land, such as fur and exotic animal skin products, other than where permitted under First Nation cultural practices
  • professionally organise, manage, and operate the market
  • maintain regular contact with the City of Sydney and lodge performance reports for ongoing review of the market
  • ensure compliance with all requirements of the licence as well as other law and planning obligations that apply.

Each evaluation criterion listed above is considered critical to this request for proposal. They are not of equal weight for evaluation and are not listed in order of priority.

The City of Sydney may undertake financial assessments of applicants to determine financial capacity to meet the market licence requirements. This may be undertaken by a third party appointed by the City of Sydney.

Applicants must complete all parts of the request for proposal forms. The City of Sydney may reject any application that does not provide all the required information or meet the assessment criteria.

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