Kings Cross plan of management

Developed with the state government.

Kings Cross Precinct Management Plan December 2013 Update

At a glance

  • Our aim is to make nights out safer and more enjoyable for all and to deliver better outcomes for local residents and businesses.
  • We are committed to working with the state government and other agencies to reduce alcohol and drug-related issues in the Kings Cross area.
  • The Kings Cross plan of management improves:
    • transport options late at night
    • licensing and to address the saturation of licensed venues in the area
    • the look and feel of public spaces.
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Our actions to date

We have done significant works to ensure that people feel safe when they go out at night.

Completed works include:

  • installing 6 and upgrading of 3 street safety cameras. These cameras are monitored 24 hours a day with the ability to provide live video feeds to Kings Cross police station.
  • We worked with Transport for NSW to install new transport wayfinding signs to help people find late-night transport options.

Separately, the NSW Government has started to evaluate applications for new licensed premises with a tool that includes considering the impact of existing licensed premises across a specific area.

Summer months

We know that summer can be a busier time in the late-night entertainment precincts with more visitors coming to the area. We work closely with the state government to ensure effective management of these areas during Friday and Saturday nights from November to March.

Our secure taxi rank, located on Bayswater Road, helps manage patrons queuing for taxis late at night in the summer period. 

More night-time options

Our night-time economy strategy aims to develop more diverse activities that do not involve alcohol to create a safer and more balanced night-time economy, which include:

  • increased opportunities for cultural attractions such as public art
  • new LEDs to brighten up public spaces
  • activating hidden corners to make them feel safer and more welcoming.

Our strategies also aim to increase responsible management of late-night trading premises, including patron limits, security guard requirements and appropriate trading hours. We employ specialist licensed premises compliance officers to work with venues to ensure they operate responsibly.

Taxi rank improvements

We have improved safety at taxi ranks in our late-night entertainment areas to get people home, and to make taxi drivers feel more secure about picking up passengers.