Planning for net zero energy buildings

Performance standards to achieve high-performing net zero energy buildings in Greater Sydney.

Cover image with report title and photograph of city office buildings.


This report looks at how the City and other Greater Sydney councils can embed optimum energy efficiency, on-site renewable energy and off-site renewable energy to set a path to net zero in the planning and design process for larger buildings.

The report:

  • identifies the most appropriate performance standards (or targets) that, if met, can achieve high-performing, net zero energy office, shopping centre, hotel, multi-unit residential, and mixed-use developments (including new and major refurbishments) and that could be incorporated into planning controls. The performance standards are step change improvements in energy performance to transition to net zero energy developments
  • summarises the evidence base, including stakeholder engagement and a building scale cost benefit analysis, as well as a broader cost benefit analysis
  • recommends approaches to implement the performance standards within the NSW planning system.
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