Star Casino redevelopment

Star Casino redevelopment

Proposed redevelopment in Pyrmont

On 27 August 2019, Lord Mayor Clover Moore addressed a public meeting held by the Independent Planning Commission regarding the Star Casino’s proposal for a 237-metre high luxury residential apartment and hotel tower in Pyrmont.

The City supports the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s recommendation that this proposal be rejected.

The department’s assessment report notes the tower would:

  • appear isolated and inconsistent in height and form with surrounding buildings
  • inhibit views from public vantage points
  • adversely impact the character of Pyrmont
  • overshadow public spaces such as Union Square, Pyrmont Bay Park and Pyrmont Bridge.

At 8 times the maximum height allowed on the site, the proposed tower undermines the community’s vision for the area. 

The proposal was submitted outside the planning controls for the area, using the discredited and now defunct part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act – a piece of legislation used to override community concerns.

If the commission approves the proposal, it will undermine the credibility of the NSW planning system and the planning controls developed in consultation with the local community.

View an open letter from members of the planning and design community calling on the chair of the commission to uphold the department’s recommendation. 

Visit the Independent Planning Commission's website for updates on the redevelopment proposal.

Last updated: Wednesday, 9 October 2019